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Waterless is the future of the beauty industry! With consumers’ growing eco-awareness, new tastes are emerging which are appreciating water as a new luxury, rather than a mere commodity.

Personal care products traditionally contain much water by weight and washing them could consume even more. Consumers are displaying a growing interest in products that can meet their hygiene and care needs while consuming less water, given their appreciation of rare and exotic waters, and a simple and natural lifestyle. To cater to this need, beauty brands need to look at processes and ingredients which can enable them to limit their dependence on water.

The Water & Waterless Trends report presents featured products and performance test results, addressing the shift in consumers’ perceptions of the relationship between water and personal care products. You can download this report for free to stay ahead of this key trend. Let us know a little about you before you start the download.

*Water & Waterless is a key trend in the beauty sector, identified in this year’s edition of Dow’s Trends LAB series, titled “Values in Motion”, the first of its kind.

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