lnnovation Digital Operations Center Makes Dow Operations Safer and Smarter with Digital Technologies in Asia Pacific 2021-01-25 08:00 by Dow APAC Today

Dow opened the Asia Pacific Dow Operations Center (DOC) on January 15, 2020, with a very clear vision: the DOC will become an important piece of the puzzle as Dow continues to seek supplementary capabilities enabling digital visibility of Dows solutions from market to manufacturing across the Asia Pacific region. 

So far, the Asia Pacific DOC is on track delivering what it promised in the very beginning. Today, drones, robots, crawlers, and other advanced manufacturing solutions are used at most of Dow operations across Asia Pacific to help make Dow a safer place to work and enhance the operations efficiency.  With the new intelligent technologies, the center has also helped Dow maintaining its operational excellence across the region even in the unexpected pandemic over the past year.

Dows digital manufacturing is equipped with Industrial IoT (internet of things) and Industry 4.0 technology from the Asia Pacific DOC. Nearly 20 projects utilizing new technologies in the areas of Robotics, Mobility and Analytics have been delivered to Dows manufacturing sites across the region this past year. Through digital technologies, Dow Asia Pacific has reduced 30,000 hours of pLIFE (potentially Life-alerting Injuries Fatality Events) to this day.  Here are some examples:

Sensor Analysis System is designed to detect underground water leaks from the firefighting systems – free up labor work, save time spent on traditional ground excavation, and minimize impact on plant operation, site logistics and safety protection impairment. The new technology also improves the accuracy of the underground water leak detection.


Mobile Device and Robotics enable remote and timely connection between the field operators and experts from overseas technology centers. It is an effective solution to cope with the travel restrictions introduced due to the pandemic and supports remote field operation audit as well.


Intelligent Machine Vision System can recognize and analyze the working dynamics, enabling timely response to process requests and ensuring a safer working environment. It also improves productivity when applied in packaging management, increasing capacity by more than 5% with very limited investment.  

Globally, Dow has adopted 90 percent Visual Inspection by Robotics, eliminated 4,000 Confined Space Entry jobs, and reduced 250,000 potential exposure hours. Our goal is to eliminate all confined space entries by 2025.

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